Encompass Consulting


We have experience managing Encompass on day-to-day basis with regular tasks as mentioned below:

  • Create and Manage Organization Hierarchy /user logins / Personas / Roles / Groups / Milestones.
  • Setup pipelines based on Persona, Roles, Groups, users.
  • Create business rules and add validations to various forms.
  • Create custom fields and forms.
  • Create and manage reports.

We have done lot of new custom development and projects. Some of those that require PUSH to encompass:

  • Pushing loan documents to e-folder.
  • Real-time (cost-center, payroll)/ Bulk update of Encompass fields under certain conditions.
  • Loan creation from various sources.

We have done lot of new custom development and projects. Some of those that require PULL from encompass:

  • Syncing various settings/fields (Partners, MLOs) to other systems.
  • Generating reports and sending notifications and reports.
  • Download Post-closing (Hazard Insurance) and Compliance (Action Taken).
  • Drip campaigns.
  • Underwriting conditions from e-folder.
  • Daily back-ups.


Dashboard Plugin

  • Custom widgets with cumulative loan data along with user-friendly interface and lot of customizations and functionality.

Bulk Loan Updates

  • Update specific fields with a given set of values for a large set of loans.
    Ex: Move a loan from one folder to another folder or Move all loans with a given set of conditions to a particular milestone.

Lender Data Extra

  • Lender data Extra tool will upload loan data in lender specific template to SFTP folders.

Milestone Plugin

  • Prevent users from marking the 'Next' milestone complete if current file data doesn't match the most recent quick entry AUS data.
  • Prevent specific Users from modifying and saving loans after specific Milestones.

Loan Management Plugin

  • On saving /closing file events updating loan information of custom or standard fields based on the conditions.
  • Automating of loan onboarding process and reduce manual work.
  • Based on conditions mark a loan as priority loan or Pre-closing QC required or not.

Efolder Management

  • Delete all duplicate document and maintains latest document attachments.
  • Auto updating the document status based on the conditions.
  • Newly uploaded documents will be “tagged” for review” and this field will be used in document verification work flow process to create pipeline views.

Form Printers

  • Allows you automatically print any standard or custom input form to its proper place in the efolder, based on any trigger or event

Auto Generators

  • Download all efolder documents on daily basis to drop-box such as purchase advice documents, Compliance and post-closing files

Validation Plugin

  • On saving the file, validation will check loan folder and, if the loan is not in My Pipeline AND any value besides "TBD" or <null> is present in the Subject Property Address field., all subject property address fields will be erased before save is processed

Merge Documents

  • Moves all attachments from one document to another document.

Auto Safe Mode Plugin

  • Allowing bankers to do trial and error with application numbers when application is turned to safe mode

MI Plugin

  • Get MI plugin to automate the MI functionality.

Condition Management

  • Closing cost vs actual cost verification, on Button Click events.